February Favorites!

Here are my favorite finds for January/February with links to the exact item or similar! I found a lot of great things over the month but these five really influenced me and are products I am recommending. Cheers!

1. CC Beanies have been a favorite through the unusually snowy winter. So cute and so comfy how could I want more?


TJ Maxx as a whole(what can I say I’m addicted) but specifically this dressing room lighting emirate? Just kidding it’s the cute pink Michael Kors I scored at TJ’s for around $80! Similar here
I finally discovered the magic of Lularoe butter soft leggings. These are so cute and beyond comfy! Find a retailer near you here
These Sharper Image packing cubes are saving my life(and luggage space) as I pack for my upcoming trip to Hawaii! They look small so I was skeptical at first but they held about 12 outfits in the largest, 5 two piece swimsuits in the next, and all of my undergarments in the smallest(not pictured).
Okay so this is my favorite Amazon find yet. This backpack is my new travel bff, it has space for my 13″ MacBook, my Nikon with all accessories, and room for more! I am in love with the pullout in the bottom, it is padded to protect my camera(the inner part is padded for my laptop as well). This bag is a bloggers dream, no more carrying around a laptop bag and a camera bag!

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