Family Pictures – Hawaii 2017

Okay so Hawaii was amazing; I am so tan and currently relaxing on a flight home…to Virginia! For  those of y’all that didn’t know, a move has been in the works for the past few months and I am sitting next to Jesse heading to his(our) apartment.

We arrived at OGG around 10 o’clock Saturday night and headed straight for our house(well groceries first, I obviously gotta eat). Maile(Jesse’s younger sister) had been planning to head to the beach for some senior pictures Sunday so we had to go rest up to look our best for those. After a really hard day of laying in the sun and going to Costco, we headed towards Wailea for a beautiful sunset picture session.

loving the sunshine…peep those seashell  nails tho

Maile and our photographers headed down the beach while the rest of us relaxed and waited to be called for some family pictures. A while later we started the family pictures and they wanted to grab some of Jesse and I so we posed for a couple then they had me pose for a few(no clue why) without Jesse.


As we were taking some cool sunset/ocean/silhouette pictures, Jesse jumped back in for a picture we had been plotting with his mom where we were staggered(me in front of him) and facing the ocean. Well I wasn’t paying too much attention and started to turn around looking for direction to find Jesse, down on one knee with a ring. Taken by surprise, a few choice words came out of my mouth followed by a big leap into Jesse and a “duh babe I’ll be your wife”. I get to marry my best friend, how freakin’ cool is that!?


Turns out the whole thing was staged by the family and they managed to keep it a secret and pull off a huge surprise. I am beyond excited and can’t wait to start planning our wedding. Thank you to my family(almost) in law, Shad and Kathy of One Moment in Time, and my new fiancé for an unforgettable start to our vacation.



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