DIY Date Night!

Hey guys! Jesse and I love to plan out a date night at least once a month but sometimes it is hard to come up with an idea that’s not dinner and a movie or funds to go do something extravagant(like weekending in NYC). Last week we put our brains together and came up with a super inexpensive DIY date night in the comfort of our room.


The first thing we did was make a sugar scrub. Sugar scrubs are super easy to make and only require a few things! Start by melting 1/4 cup coconut oil in the microwave and combine the liquid with 1 cup sugar. Into that drop in 5 drops of your favorite essential oil(we used lavender). Mix that and it should be on the thicker side.

Grab lotion, a great smelling candle, your DIY sugar scrub and get ready for a night of relaxation. We started with our sugar scrubs taking turns in a hot bath giving each other the exfoliating treatment and the lavender was so soothing and we both had extremely soft skin when we were done. After our sugar scrubs we showered really quick to rinse off and put on a movie in our bedroom. We headed to bed to take turns giving each other a long massage.

We went to sleep so relaxed and had the softest skin ever! Dates can be so simple and this was one we will definitely be repeating. I like to use my sugar scrubs on my hands to keep them soft all of the time.

Happy date nights y’all!


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