Mail Haul: Week of July 23rd!

Happy Friday y’all sorry I’m a tad late on my weekly post. I am posting my mail haul this week to mix things up a bit! I am super excited to share all of these goodies with you guys! A little disclaimer I have to write(yeah I know, so boring): all items in this haul have been given to me either free of charge or at a discounted rate for the purposes of this post. Alright now we can dive into the fun!

Shopaholic Couture
I got a super cute swimsuit from! I am in love with it. The shipping took a while but it is worth it for a cute suit at a great price. I love the prices on these suits, there are around $30-$40 for both pieces of a bikini rather than that price for each piece! My suit can be found here and use code: Madi10 for 10% off!


Shop Hush
If you haven’t heard of Hush prepare to have your mind blown. The sell makeup of all brands at some of the best prices I have ever seen! All of my products have been a success so far so I look forward to placing more orders.


The Grove Collaborative
It is so important to have a clean house but it is equally important not to dirty your house with nasty toxins whilst trying to get it clean. I love brands like Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaning Day, Method, and Seventh Generation. The Grove Collaborative has all of these and more with awesome prices and you can subscribe for deliveries when you need them. They are an eco-conscious company saving 25 square feet of rainforest per delivery! I love that so much and the fact that they only put out clean products free of: ammonia, chlorine, glycol ethers, formaldehyde, parabens, phthalates, and triclosan.
Check them out here!




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