Buying My First Car!

Hey everyone! I hope you all have had a great week and have a fun weekend coming up. I am super excited to share my car buying experience, my dad has always been there to help and pick out my vehicles so I am excited to share how I did it on my own!

Back story here: Jesse also got a pretty new Toyota Tacoma and we had a great buying experience with that(key words there, hold on to them). After having such a good, seamless experience, I also went to Sheehy Toyota in Stafford and worked with the same sales guy. What a JOKE that was y’all. Worst experience ever and I am so disappointed that is how my first adult-ish purchase had to go.

Hot truck, hotter husband 

I decided on a Rav4 from them and had all of the steps in line to get it, including paper work signed. My dad had to be over nighted some papers to sign away my Honda and I was told this would not be an issue. We sent the paper’s to my mom’s office so my dad could just swing through on Friday(we made this deal Wednesday in order to have them there Friday) and sign the papers. Well my mom didn’t receive said papers until Monday morning, and showed me the shipping label stating they did not even send them out until Friday(when they were supposed to be there!!!). Okay so obviously they weren’t in a hurry to make a sale but you guys that isn’t even the worst part. Before said paperwork issue, I was feeling like the sales guy we worked with was not taking me seriously because I am a young woman. He would not speak to me unless Jesse was right next to me and then wanted to have Jesse speak on my behalf. What the **** you guys. This had nothing to do with Jesse, it was my purchase with my dad as my cosigner(only had credit cards for a year holllaaa). Bottom line, he had a problem with a young woman buying a car. So I told my mom to shred the paper work and took my business elsewhere, where someone would take me seriously. My inner boss babe/go getter was so offended I could scream, but I walked out gracefully instead.

I headed to Huber Motor Cars(Mazda in Fredericksburg) and it was like my opinion on car dealerships did a complete 180. The sales guy I worked with, Stefon, was amazing and helped me through everything and took the time to work with me so I understood everything before I signed on the dotted line(very important to me since this was my first time buying). I had the best experience with the team over at Huber and I remembered how important it is to put your focus on customer service and culture, something that I value so much. They were some of the kindest, most genuine people and made my first car buying experience a good experience rather than a nightmare. From sales through management and finance, no one had a problem with a millennial female buying a new car(unlike my previous experience). I walked away a happy customer, I guess I should actually say I drove away, in my pretty Mazda CX-3. I would recommend these guys so much and wish they were everywhere and honestly when it comes time to change cars again, I might be coming back to Fredericksburg.

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

So here I am the next day, driving around in my pretty new car, and I get a call from the Sheehy finance manager. I explain to him my father and I were no longer comfortable doing business there and we part ways. Until about 15 minutes later, another sales guy calls me and he tells me Jesse can cosign me so I can get the Rav4. I explain again, I didn’t feel comfortable doing business at Sheehy and please do not contact me further. Another sales rep calls and I firmly stated I will not be doing business any further with them and please do not call me again. I cannot stand people like this; if I say no I mean no, not pass me along to every sales rep until I say yes because honestly that will not work.

Although it got off to a rough start, I ended up with a great experience overall and am satisfied with the car I bought and the people I bought it from. I hope you guys enjoyed this and see it as a learning experience; go where the people make the business. Do business with people who take care of their customers, rather than seeing them as a number in their sales quota.

PS: if you’re in the market for a car, I heard the guys at Huber say they shipped a car to Alaska so I’m sure they’d be glad to send one to you too!



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