Game of Thrones PUB & Another Sunday in DC

A bar, a tattoo parlor, and a country music concert…all the makings for 2 very special birthday weekends for a very special man in my life.

Florida Georgia Line
By far one of the best concerts ever! We had amazing seats and FGL was a great concert, they were awesome! Nelly was there as well; it’s like when you have a milkshake that’s good on it’s own but then you add something dazzling like booze or whipped cream and it just makes the experience so much better. That is what having Nelly at FGL was like. We danced and sang the night away and truly had a great weekend getaway together, something we haven’t done since New York.


Birthday Party
HUGE thank you to Jesse’s friends for coming out Saturday for a great time and an even bigger thank you to Derrik for hosting everyone and being one helluva bartender! We had an awesome night with good drinks and even better friends, complete with a custom Snapchat filter.

Spontaneous Tattoo
Jesse had the itch for another tattoo, a lip tattoo. Because it was his birthday we went along and got one(do everything once right???). If you’re itching for some new ink, check out Tattoo Paradise on 18th St. NW. They have a dope shop with amazing work covering the walls and they take walk ins! We went over with our roommate and Jesse’s bestie and got tattoos on a whim(Jesse you’re lucky we love you). You could say it was LIT.

Game of Thrones Pop Up Bar
Two things Jesse enjoys a whole lot: good drinks and Game of Thrones. We headed over to the Game of Thrones Pop Up Bar in DC! The line was worth the 30 minute wait and if you don’t mind a crowd, check them out! The pop up will be around until August 27th so get over there while you still can! We had a great time and Jesse ordered his first drink from a bar here! SO much creativity went into this pop up and it is more than a bar, it really is an experience. After drinking in the G.O.T. bar, we headed home to watch the new episode, I’d say it was a great day for the birthday boy.


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