The 7 Back to School Essentials for Online College!

Hey guys! I cannot believe it is already time for stores to roll out their back to school items; it’s crazy how fast these past few months have gone! I am so excited to announce I will be attending school as an online student at Grand Canyon University! I am so excited for my new adventure and look forward to the things ahead.

The most exciting part of back to school season is BTS shopping! I get so excited about new stationary I could hardly contain my excitement while at Target grabbing my new supplies! While I won’t physically be in the classroom, I still need some essentials for class and I was not about to skip out on school shopping. Here is what I compiled for my first term as a student at GCU!

  1. Laptop
    My laptop for the past year and a half has been my MacBook Pro. It is very user friendly and does everything I could ever want and more. The battery lasts for quite a while as well which means I can blog or do school anywhere without having to worry about a charger. Because Macs are so popular, I don’t ever have to worry about not being able to instal certain programs or apps because Apple is such a household name and that is awesome in my opinion. I don’t have to stress about if my computer will do this or that, I have peace of mind knowing it can and will.
  2. Planner
    I use the Happy Planner, it is really customizable, functional, and cuter than can be. My parent got one for me for Christmas this past year and I am absolutely in love and use it every day. I have mine color coded for work, school, blogging, and events.  The brand also makes adorable stickers for things like to-dos, reminders, and a dose of inspiration when you need.
  3. Your favorite pen
    Everyone has one, their favorite pen that outdoes every other pen they’ve every written with. For me this is the Bic Atlantis. I am convinced these change my handwriting and make it look so good. They write super smooth and I love them more than anything I have ever written with before and as a stationary freak that is a lot of pens y’all.
  4. A printer
    You never realize how much of an asset printers are until you don’t have one. I just purchased a Canon printer for less than $50 and I have already used it so much! It is so nice to print things out and mark them up, it is so hard to note take off of a virtual document.
  5. A set of cute notebooks
    Some people like to take notes the old fashioned way rather than type them out. This is me. I am some people. I love to write and color code notes and like to think it’s actually something I am good out. There is something so satisfying about scribbling your notes into something adorable. A few of my favorites are this cactus print, these minimalist, pastel triangle beauties, and this Kate Spade hard cover.
  6. Color coding pens
    I love to color code my notes and my planner and I found amazing colored pens/markers that write fantastically and don’t bleed through your pages!! They are the Paper Mate Flair Pens and obviously you might not need this many but if you want to like some people(me) the option is there.
  7. New bag
    Sometimes doing school and studying in your house makes you feel like a hermit and you need to escape to the nearest coffee shop ASAP. Rather than having a laptop bag, book bag, and purse I like to find a great bag that does it all. I found a cute one here that is exactly what I am talking about. Cute and functional is what it’s all about y’all.

These are my 7 essentials for going back to school online! Let me know your favorite products in the comments! Happy learning!


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