Let’s Talk About Birth Control

Edited to add: No Jesse and I aren’t trying to have kids right now. He is supportive in my choice to be in control of my feelings and my body.

By the title, you know what’s about to go down. A little disclaimer: obviously we are going to talk about womanly things in this post so don’t be offended. It’s normal, being a woman is normal, Nexplanon for me was not normal and I feel it is important to share this with girls who may be considering it or have shared a similar experience. I had my Nexplanon removed today after having it for the 3 years it lasts. I can honestly say I just let out the largest sigh of relief. I had Nexplanon for the same reason many girls get it: you don’t have to worry about it for three years. It is placed and that’s all there is to it. Or so I thought…

The first year was pretty good, my body obviously took a little time to get used to it but after about a month I was doing great. I didn’t have a period and I didn’t have to worry about birth control. Everything was sweet and easy just like I expected.

Until year two. About halfway through the year, I got my period back. I was like okay, it’s fine it’s just a week and I have to get it out next year so my body is starting to regulate itself again. “Just a week” was the worst jinx I have ever given myself. Two months later I’m off my period only to start it again later. The irregular cycles were awful but sadly, not the worst part. This continued in all sorts of crazy patterns seriously until the week it came out.

The other crazy thing that happened was I was always feeling some type of weird way. What I mean by that is I had horrid mood swings which for me was unusual. I was always happy and upbeat, rarely ever feeling down. Nexplanon took that away from me for nearly 3 years and when I tell you it was the worst, I mean it was the worst. I would cry all of the time for random reasons or no reason at all. I would feel good but it wouldn’t last and I would go back to feeling just nothing really. If I wasn’t crying or feeling down(down meaning I wanted to do nothing but lay in bed) I didn’t really feel much. I always have felt so full of life and so happy, like sunshine but as a person and having Nexplanon killed that.

I am so excited to take back control of my body and my feelings. The morning I went to take it out I put my hair into a bun, slipped on a dress, and drove happily to the clinic. I felt so relieved the moment I could see the stupid white stick come out of my arm. If I could go back three years, I would avoid Nexplanon at all costs. I felt very pressured to have it and continue to have it and although I know it was the best option for me at that time in my life, nothing will compare to getting my body and myself back to normal.

Having Nexplanon, I learned that I truly value my body and the way I feel way more than I ever thought I did. I care more about what is going into it. I hope to share this and encourage more girls and women to think and research before they put something into their bodies. Do your research, read stories like mine and others not just what the medical world is giving you. Learn from real people and experiences. Sure the people giving you the birth control will tell you side effects and what not but obviously, they won’t be the same for everyone. Read this and take it lightly, my experience does not reflect everyone’s experience so what happened to me may not happen to you. I feel it is so important to share real experiences like this. I am sure Nexplanon has been great for some but I am just so excited to take control of my body back from birth control.  Thank you for reading and I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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