August Favorites

Hey guys! Back again with another monthly favorites post and I cannot believe we are already over half way done with 2017! So much has happened this year and it has absolutely flown by! I am excited to share my monthly favorites again with you guys and I hope you check out these awesome products!


  1. Metolious Tea
    You guys may have seen my post on Instagram sipping earl grey on a rainy day and it came from Metolious Tea. They are based out of Bend, Oregon(HOME) and have amazing artisan teas! I love the earl grey by itself or done as a London Fog(add vanilla and cream). Their tea “North” is also amazing both hot and iced! I always thought I was more of a coffee person but Metolius Tea may have changed my mind.


  2. Crate with Love
    I have already done a post about this but I had to mention it again! Nothing is better than receiving an affordable, unique date right to my door every month from Crated With Love!ย Use code: madisondickson for 50% off of your first month subscription and check out mine and Jesse’s thoughts here. Happy Date Night!!
  3. Fohr Card
    I am loving the idea behind Fohr Card. They connect brands and bloggers with a belief in authenticity. It is so easy to just buy likes and followers to pass off as having high numbers and “authentic engagement” on Instagram, but Fohr Card tells everyone the truth. They verify your following as being authentic, something a brand would love to hear. It is also so rewarding to know I built my following myself rather than take the easy way in.fullsizeoutput_193e.jpeg
  4. Poshmark
    The app/website you can use to sell your closet! Posting on Facebook swap sites and the similar is something I absolutely do not enjoy. It seems like everyone there just wants to lowball you for your stuff and it is hard to make sales. I have had amazing success with Poshmark selling my closet and have made close to $150 in just a month. They take care of creating a shipping label and all I have to take care of is packaging and dropping at the mailbox.
  5. Grammarly
    I am obsessed with this plug in. In class and as a blogger it is so important to double check spelling and grammar. Grammarly does this for me by marking my mistakes and suggesting how to fix them. There is both a free and a paid version, I currently use the free because I don’t need much out of it at this time. I am shocked I was blogging without Grammarly for all this time, it has become my posting bff.


These are all of my favorites for August! I hope you guys enjoyed them and will check a few out! Let me know some of your go to’s for me to try out for next month’s favorites installment.


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