How About Those Leggings Though?

Based on the title you probably thought this was going to be all about leggings didn’t you? Boy are you wrong. But that’s okay, I thought the same thing when I first heard about LulaRoe. This is unsurprising given that their buttery soft leggings are very well known.

It is also well known that recently I am obsessed with LuLaRoe you guys. For so many reasons too. The first being that the clothes are cute and there is a style and print(or solid) for everyone. The next is that when you purchase from a LLR retailer(person selling) you are supporting an entreprenuers dream, family, and goals. Many retailers are so passionate about what they do which is way more than hosting a live sale on Facebook or posting photos of the newest additions to their collections. They are your stylist, friend, and fashion consultant on top of selling clothes and running their business.  When you buy, you are supporting a small business apart of a large community(holla for small businesses) and that is as rewarding as the cute peices you walk away with.

Side comment: I’m sure as you scroll down this post you will become obsessed if you aren’t already so feel free to head straight to the bottom to find and support some of my favorite LLR gals and work your way back up!

One of my favorite LLR tops the Irma tunic and a solid pair of leggings.

A Julia dress and a fun printed Shirley

You’ll see me in a similar outfit frequently. There is something about Irmas and leggings that I love so much. Fun fact: these were two of my very first LLR pieces!

I love this Carly as a transitional piece from summer to fall! It looks adorable with a denim jacket for fall with strappy sandals when it’s warm or some booties when it gets chilly.

The Lynnae was the first long sleeve t-shirt from LLR and is so soft and comfy(what isn’t from LLR though?). This outfit is great on it’s own or looks awesome with a black vest. Also, I am obsessed with tribal vibe leggins incased you missed that.

Another Lynnae and leggings combo. This feels very fall into winter transition you feel me?


I am obsessed with the Carly too. I love the high low cut of it especially because when I bought this I was complaining to J about how I was sick of buying cute dresses and them being shorter in the back(squats probs y’all). I love a dress that I can just throw on and it looks good, no other work needed and the Carly is exactly that for me.

I love this Irma too and yes I have black leggings(unicorn alert af). I live in black leggings in the fall and winter so when I found out LLR makes black leggings I screamed and then cried because they are so hard to get like you have to get on a list to get a chance at them. Luckily I managed to get my hands on some, can you say best day ever?

My collection is still growing but I’d say I’m off to a good start given that most of these were purchased in the last 15 days(oops sorry bank account). I am gonna tell you guys where I have found all of these comfy and cute items but also a little tip: follow all of these ladies and then follow some more. The key is joining a lot of groups and shop pages to find your favorite items or even unicorns(highly sought after items, most likely will need to search forever to find or just get lucky like me).

Lyndsie: shop page, @lularoelyndsiewynn on Instagram
Kourtney: shop page, @lularoe_kourtneyspringhetti on Instagram
Caitlin: shop page, @lularoecaitlinstevens on Instagram


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