e.l.f. Pops Up in Times Square

I have never exactly claimed to be a makeup guru or blogged much about makeup(clothes are my thing) but I think I do an alright job of putting my face together every day. I like to use a blend of high end and drugstore makeup to create my perfect combo. Over the years, I have found my favorite products and my go tos and e.l.f Cosmetics has easily become apart of that list.

I first discovered e.l.f. Cosmetics at Target and instantly fell in love! Their products are high quality and affordable for everyone. I love that they have created a quality brand for anyone to use.

Okay now onto the good stuff…



Look at all of these beauties. I picked up the Day to Night Lipstick Duo in the color “The Best Berries”. It is the perfect lip for fall and winter with a light “day” color and a bolder “night” color. That’s 2 gorgeous colors for $5 y’all!




The face area is one of my favorites and contains my favorite primer the Blemish Control Face Primer. I have been using it for a while now and truly belive it makes a difference in clearing up my skin and protecting my break out prone face from new blemishes. I also have used the Hydrating Face Primer and love it as well.



I also checked out this face area and scored the most extra sparkly beauty blenders. One is a silicone blender and the other an angled sponge. I love the silicone blender because it is just the right amount of firm and soft unlike one I previously purchased that is way to hard to use on my face.




Look at all of these pretties! Like the blenders, e.l.f.’s brushes are the perfect mix of firm and soft.




This eye section is slaying the game you guys! The colors are super pigmented and I love the Mad for Matte palette in the shade “Nude Mood”.  They also have an amazing selection of eye brushes you should see like this blender brush that is only $3!




As you can see I left one happy gal. Props to e.l.f. for this gorgeous, perfect for all of the selfies, Insta-worthy wall and the ring light to acheive this lighting(no edit or filter on this beauty).


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