FabFitFun: Fall Box 2017


Hey everyone! I am so excited to say I have been receiving my FabFitFun boxes for a whole year now! It is so crazy and I cannot wait to share the Fall Box with y’all. This was the largest box yet and I was so excited as I began my unboxing process. Something new I am adding to this post is that I have actually tried all of the products so I can provide a full review! Let’s dive on in…


The first thing I pulled out was the Mer-Sea Cozy Wrap($98) and let me tell you: this is the softest thing I have ever felt. As soon as I unboxed it I wanted to go on a hay ride and drink apple cider on a crisp fall day(yeah I know it is 80 degrees but whatever). The wrap is super high quality(it doesn’t feel like it will fall apart after one use) and I wish I had this in a queen size blanket.


The My Tagalongs hot and cold gel pack($15) was a life saver for me this week. ICYMI I got my birth control out after three long years leading to my first period not on birth control. I forgot how bad cramps are and how miserable it is to be a woman for a week. This thing saved me though. Laying in bed with this was the best thing ever. It heats up quick and I felt relief immediately.


Have you ever brushed with activated charcoal before aka black powder? Yeah I had not until I received this Molr teeth whitening(I want to say tooth paste but it’s powder so tooth powder??) kit($43.95). The bristles on the brush are soft which is nice because ya girl hates a rough tooth-brush. I will be posting results after about a month for the whitening factor. So far I love this product though! I was terrified to brush my teeth with a black powder but honestly I kind of dig it now.


The Whish mud mask($48) is another amazing mask  to add to my ever-growing collection. I love a good mud mask and my face always feels so refreshed after using one. Masks are one of my favorite multitasking tools. I put this on while I do school so I am getting smarter and getting better skin at the same time!


I am not a red lip kinda gal. I used to be but now any time I see red lipstick on myself I cringe…HARD. The only time I can say I really enjoy a good red lip is around the holidays and it has to be with the right outfit. This treStiQue lip crayon ($28) is unique though.  It has multiple layers to it and the pigment of the color itself is amazing. I like that there is a matte and a shiny option because we all know that there are different times and places when you rock a matte lip vs. a glossy one.



I am the queen of leaving my jewelry lying around anywhere and everywhere. I am especially bad at night-time, leaving my stuff on my night stand. This handy and cute wire and ceramic holder from Imm Living($33) is perfect for my nightstand. I love that I have a place to put my goods after a long day where I am literally falling into bed. No longer will I ever have to go on a search behind my night stand trying to find that one little earring that decided to roll off.

This wellness journal is so much fun. I love journaling and this one from fitlosophy ($16.95) has really allowed me to key into my thoughts and my goals. It is very calming to write down what I am doing and thinking. I like that each day starts off with three things I am grateful for, the allows my mindset for the day to be in a good place.


This duffle from Private Party ($59)  is so cute for the gym(or if you’re like me you don’t go to the gym and will use it as a weekender instead). It is pretty spacious without being too much bulk and the denim look is adorable. This bag makes me want to take a barre class soon…thoughts on those?

Of course these are not all of the products, if I did that it would totally spoil all of the fun. Check out FabFitFun and order your box asap. I promise you won’t be disappointed. There is almost $400 worth of full sized products and I paid $50! I know it sounds crazy but I swear by this box.





2 thoughts on “FabFitFun: Fall Box 2017

  1. Such a pretty selection of stuff so jelly that I can’t get it where I live, my favourite youtuber showed it in her latest video. I’m obsessed with that scarf and jewlery holder 😀 Would you mind check out my page? We can follow each other and be internet friends, it would mean the world to me!
    Love, Mimi



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