The Dickson’s +1 

Hey everyone! So so sorry I have been away but it is for a great reason…

I have been busy adjusting to my new life as a dog momma! Jesse and I adopted a puppy this past weekend and we are so excited. We weren’t thinking of getting a pup until after our big move but when we met our little baby we couldn’t resist.


Maia(pronounced my-ah) Mae Dickson is a little 13week old English Bulldog. Jesse and I are in love and we think she loves us back too. Maia likes naps, her sock monkey toy, playing with dad, cuddling with mom, and laying in mom and dad’s bed. She is the perfect girl for us and our little family is doing great.

Maia’s first day home. She loved exploring her new apartment but wishes she had a bigger yard. The grass patch by the garbage can is one of her favorite places because the walk isn’t too far and there’s lots of grass.


Maia also likes the car and her new carseat that lets her look out the window. Yes I am that dog mom. Nothing but the best for our little princess.

Being a puppy is hard work. She sleeps a lot anywhere and everywhere. Examples above: Petco and the car. She also gets tired when walking and sits down in the middle of wherever we are so one of us will pick her up. I know, I know but how can you resist that cute face?


2 thoughts on “The Dickson’s +1 

  1. So adorable!!!!!! No way you couldn’t take her home and make her part of your family! Congratulations!!!! Xoxoxox love you!


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