The Trendy Restaurant in DC You Need to Visit ASAP

Hey girl! Sorry, I have been so absent from my blog lately, I have had so much going on in life and with my blog but I am excited to share soon! On Saturday night I met up with some of my DC area Style Collective sisters to chat about monetization as a blogger following the launch of SC’s brand new e-course covering all things monetization.


The meet up was held at Dirty Habit inside of Hotel Monaco and they made this meet up a blast. We were supposed to be outdoors but due to the downpours that occasionally rock DC, we were moved indoors. The space inside Dirty Habit is huge y’all and I would love to go back someday.


We were treated to two of their delicious house cocktails: the Rice ‘N’ Roses and the Santorini. Rice ‘N Roses was sweet and was perfect for kicking off our Saturday night festivities. The Santorini is Dirty Habit’s unique take on the dirty martini and was equally delicious. I felt these two provided something for everyone’s different taste.


These cocktails are 100% Instagram worthy and after a peek at Dirty Habit’s Instagram(@dirtyhabitdc), I found this trend was not uncommon.


Everything about Dirty Habit felt very trendy and I loved every minute. When choosing a location for a collaboration like this, it is important to factor in the way it may appeal to a blogger. I found Dirty Habit on Instagram and saw the opportunity for some great pictures for everyone’s feeds. The space we were in was very modern and luxe from the gorgeous chandeliers to the chairs fit for a queen, Dirty Habit was everything our meet up needed and more.


Let’s talk food now since you know your girl loves to eat. Above is Dirty Habit’s tuna poke with the most amazing guac I have ever had. I love poke after recently discovering it and this stuff really blew me away.


I believe these truffle fries were the table favorite. Truffle fries are so popular and Dirty Habit’s event manager explained the unique process behind theirs. They are hand-cut and made to order every single day and that shows in the taste for sure.


You may not know this but I am obsessed with wings and when they brought these out I am pretty sure a tear was shed. These were so good I don’t have any words that could describe them and do them justice. If you’re in DC go to Dirty Habit and try these wings. I promise you will not be disappointed.
Check out other delicious food Dirty Habit has to offer here.

Thank you a million times to the amazing team at Dirty Habit and I cannot wait to be back again soon for more delicious food and drinks paired with the best set of gal pals I know.


You can join Style Collective here and learn everything you need to know about blogging. I have learned so much and for only $10 per month. Thank you, Annie and the Style Collective team for bringing me to my amazing SC Sisters.




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