Thank you, Virginia

The time has come and we are officially moving out of Virginia! Our movers took all of our stuff and we will be gone this week. It is crazy how much I have fallen in love with a state in such a short amount of time. Arriving in March and now leaving in November, I am looking back on all of the highlights.



The first thing of note is, of course, getting married. I married my best friend and the love of my life in this state and will always cherish that memory. Read more about that here. This is where our adventure began and I cannot wait to see where we will go from here.


I moved here and landed a job within 3 days. A job I later came to hate because it was basically toxic working to my mental state there and I wasn’t happy at all. I left in June to jump into another job at Holy Chic Nail Bar and Beauty Lounge. Here I have grown around some of the best people I know and I will always feel like HC is home. I have loved this job and my co-workers and leaving a job you love so much is very hard. I leave feeling more like myself than I ever have and empowered to go out and slay the world. Thank you to my favorite #NonToxicBabes


My blogging career has really taken off here and I attribute that to my growth as a person. I have been successful in these short few months and I am super excited to continue to grow something I love so much. I have been to PR parties, attending amazing events, experienced NYFW, and met some amazing boss babes.


We added this pretty girl to our family! The Dickson family grew here and we love our little girl. Maia is excited to be a beach pup after spending some time bundled up in Oregon.

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I met some amazingly creative people like my photographers Ben and Sophia! They have been so wonderful and I am sad to leave them. I credit a lot of my blogging success to the beautiful photos they have provided me. Thank you guys, come visit anytime!


Our best friends and our adorable Godson have made Virginia the best. We invaded their table at Benny’s one day and made a joke we would do it again next week. Well, that joke turned out to be not so much of a joke and a beautiful friendship came out of it. We will miss y’all more than you know and congratulations on the engagement. All of the love to you guys!


All of our East Coast adventures have been amazing and would not have been possible without living in this area. Check out our trips to NYC, the beauty of DC,  and a drive-in movie date night.


Thank you, Virginia, you have been one great adventure and a perfect start to our life as the Dickson family. I am thankful for our time here and look forward to what’s coming in our next adventure. I’m sure we will be back soon!





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