Trend Alert: Denim on Denim

Okay real life: I used to totally make fun of people wearing denim on denim(think early 2000’s Justin and Britney) but now it is a super cute trend and I actually have been loving it.

Also: this shoot was SO fun while I was home in Oregon and a huge thanks to Daylene(@daylenewphoto) of Daylene W for these badass photos.

You cannot go wrong with flannel this time of year and the denim on denim trend is no exception. All of these looks are so easy and require less than 5 minutes of effort(I’m looking at you college friends).

Add in a scarf like this festive red one for a pop of color. So simple but oh so good.


The simple denim on denim look to rule them all. I love this outfit so much and occasionally will wear a cute t-shirt and have my chambray shirt unbuttoned to add a little something extra.


My obsession lately for this trend is this right here: black details with blue denim. The black details tone down the look a little(again not going for early 2000’s Justin and Britney) and this simple look looks great on everyone.


I hope you guys found some inspo. in these outfits and go out and rock those Candian Tuxedos. Here is a picture of me laying on a cliff in one of the most beautiful places in the world(right in my backyard how lucky am I!?):




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