Our First 2 Weeks in Hawaii

For those who may not know, Jesse and I made the move from Virginia to Oahu this month and we couldn’t be happier. I do not think there is a more perfect place for us, we fit in so well here. Island life is a dream come true and today I am sharing a few highlights from the past few weeks…in video form. That’s right! You guys asked and I am so happy to share my new Youtube channel with you!

We are loving the Windward side of the island(where we live) and the lush greenery makes our commute so much better. Of course we have explored Waikiki and the more touristy areas but there is beauty there too. I got a kick out of the giant tree that they built a mall around.

Also, ya girl needs a gym membership because the food here is SO good but I also need that beach ready year round body thing going on.

I love living with a beach in my backyard. The beach has always been a place of peace for me and having access to that in a matter of minutes every day has been the best thing ever.

I hope you guys enjoy the video and be on the lookout for more every week! Blog posts will regularly be on Tuesday’s now and videos on Thursday’s!



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